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Vermont Artists & Arts Leaders Convene to Reimagine the Role of the Arts in the Age of COVID 

May 19, 26 & June 2, 2020


Zoom online

Over three Tuesdays in May and June, Artists and arts leaders from across Vermont will convene online to learn from each other and begin reimagining how the arts can support communities during and after the pandemic.


The three forums will feature panels of artists and arts leaders in dialogue about the challenges and opportunities facing the arts field.


The forums, which will be on the Zoom online platform, are free and open to the public, who are encouraged to participate with questions and comments for the panelists.  

Eric Booth will facilitate the Forums.

Bios of Eric and the forum panelists.

The realities of social distancing provide the opportunity—and the necessity—to think boldly about what it means for artists and arts organizations to serve their communities.

During crises and social change movements, the arts have historically played a vital role in building the empathy and civic agency needed to make real change.


What is the change our communities want?

What do artists and arts organizations know that is directly pertinent to those needs?

Those questions are at the heart of the challenge and opportunity facing the arts field in this time of great disruption.  

Now is the time to envision, gather agreement and begin taking actions to put the arts and artists in a central role in community change. 


Each forum will feature panelists from different arts sector:

  • May 19 - Arts Centers

  • May 26 - Performing Arts Groups

  • June 2 - Artists/Teaching Artists


Learn more about the forum panelists here.


Everyone is invited to attend and contribute to the conversation.

After registering you will receive instructions for joining the forum(s) on Zoom.



You can register for any or all of the forums. 

Registration for each forum will close four hours before the event.


June 19 Forum

Arts Centers 


To view the video recording and chat from this forum, click here.

June 26 Forum

Performing Arts Groups 


To view the video recording and chat from this forum, click here.



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