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Creative Well-being Network

2019 Project Design Lab 

We Are Better Together

Join a vibrant network of educators working with creative engagement to improve well-being for themselves, their students, and their school community. 

Why a network?

The Creative Well-being Network gives you and your students the opportunity to learn from and with other school teams throughout the year. 

Our work together will use creative engagement – making things we care about – to strengthen your personal well-being and the well-being of your students and school community. 

Creative engagement can bridge differences, build collective agency, imagine new approaches, inspire joyfulness, and reflect individual and community identity.

Start at the Project Design Lab

The Creative Well-being Network comprises educator and student teams that attend the Project Design Lab

At the Project Design Lab your team will collaborate with a teaching artist to design a project that uses creative engagement as a powerful tool for meaning-making, relationship building, and understanding who we are, which are all vital components of individual and collective well-being.

Creative Well-being Network

  • Committed to creating a trusting learning community through our shared interest in improving well-being for all.

  • Blended with a mix of virtual and in-person opportunities to learn, plan and connect.

  • Designed to be responsive to your needs.

  • Informed by the CASEL Social & Emotional Learning framework.


Registration will open in January. To stay informed, subscribe to our newsletter below.

Learn more about the Project Design Lab

How Does It Work?  |  Tuition & Fees  |  Registration Options  Faculty  FAQ

How will the Creative Well-being Network support my work?

When you register for the Creative Well-being Network at the Project Design Lab, you will join a cohort of educators that will convene throughout the year in virtual and in-person sessions to strengthen your team's well-being project plan and build a network of supportive colleagues.

IN-PERSON Sessions
PLAN at the Project Design Lab, July 11-14 in Burlington. Your team will work with a teaching artist and leaders in creative engagement, trauma-informed teaching and well-being to design a project that fits your needs and goals. Students are encouraged to join for a day of co-planning and learning.

ENGAGE students and community members in a 10-day teaching artist residency to strengthen school/community relationships and connections.

REFLECT after your project's culminating event when we gather on Friday, May 5th in-person for a full-day retreat at the Common Ground Center to process your project's impact, consider next steps, and crowdsource resources.

VIRTUAL Sessions
SHARE at two virtual half-day sessions to learn from other teams' successes and challenges, plus planning & coaching time for your team.

CONNECT in four virtual one-hour SPOTLIGHT sessions with thought leaders that support the needs of the network and help align your project with the CASEL Social Emotional Learning framework.

Common Ground Center outdoors.png

Common Ground Center in Starksboro

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Learn more about the Project Design Lab / Creative Well-being Network

How Does It Work?  |  Tuition & Fees  |  Faculty  |  Registration Options  |  FAQ

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