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Cultural Equity

Acknowledging and challenging our inequities and working in partnership is how we will make change happen.

Project Design Lab project at Winooski Middle School — Gowri Savoor, teaching artist

Last updated: February 2023

This is a living document that we will update to reflect our ongoing learning and the actions we are taking to model our commitments to racial and cultural equity. We invite community feedback through the form at the bottom of this page.


In the fall of 2021, we commissioned an equity assessment of our organization and our staff focused their time on learning more about diversity, equity and belonging and the systemic presence of white supremacy culture in our lives and organization. 

The equity assessment included interviews and focus groups conducted by an independent consultant with individuals who have worked closely with us, currently and in the past, including artists, staff, Board members and partners. 

This work has fostered organizational learning and change in our services and organizational culture, as described below, to be more centered in the practices and principles of diversity, equity and belonging. 


The following statements include actions we have taken to model our equity commitments. We will update this page regularly as our commitments evolve and we implement new actions to strengthen them. 

  • What is the tuition to attend the Project Design Lab?
    $1,800 for 40 hours of re-certification credits or $2,000 for three graduate credits.
  • What is included with my tuition fee?
    A private air-conditioned dorm room at the University of Vermont on July 10-14, with centrally located individual bath, breakfast and lunch. Everyone is on their own for dinner in Burlington.
  • Who pays the teaching artist fee?
    Your school or district. Your project will be eligible for funding from the Vermont Arts Council and we can help you apply.
  • What is the registration deadline and payment schedule?
    The registration deadline is May 30th. Tuition is due by the first day of the Project Design Lab: July 10th. Teaching artist fees are due 50% by July 10th and the remaining 50% at the beginning of the residency.

We invite your feedback on our commitments and aspirations to cultural equity. Our team will consider and discuss all feedback.


Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and help us to grow.


We are stronger together.

Contact info is optional.

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