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Can our project serve our entire school?

Yes. Your project could engage your entire school or a sub set of students. Student cohorts are shaped by the goals of your project and the capacity and size of your project team.

Can an arts teacher be on my team?

Yes. An arts specialists can be team members, but are not required.

What are the expectations for our project's culminating event?

Each project will present a public culminatinge event that demonstrates the students’ and community's learning and creativity. The culminating event for the Mural Project is the ONE WORLD Festival in Montpelier, September 24-26, where your mural and social/environmental vistion statements will be displayed. The Watershed Project culminating events will be planned in collaboration with your teaching artists and presented in the spring in your school/community. The Community Engagement Lab provides publicity and logistical support for your culminating event.

Who is responsible for organizing and producing our culminating event?

Your teaching artist will lead that process and help you and your students to take an active role in designing and managing your culminating event. Publicy and production support for installing and managing the culminating event will be provided by Community Engagement Lab staff.

Teams & Teaching Artists

Who pays for the teaching artist residency?

Teachin artist fees are paid by the Community Engagement Lab for the time they work with your team at the Project Design Lab, implementing your project, and during the reflection in October.

What is the registration & payment schedule?

Registration is open until May1. Tuition is due by the first day of the Project Design Lab: July 12.

What is the tuition to attend the Project Design Lab?

$1,700 for certificate of participation for 35 professional development contact hours. Three graduate credits are available for an additional $350 through the Vermont College of Fine Arts. Discounts are available for teams of six or more. We can help with funding for large teams. If you have a large team, such as an all-school team, we will figure out a tuition fee that reflects the number of teaching artists and staff needed to make your project a success.

Tuition & Expenses

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