Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a map indicating the boundaries of the festival and/or where artwork is permitted to be installed?

Artwork will be considered for locations in the downtown area extending from Baily Ave. and State St. on the west side, to State St. and Main St. on the east side; Memorial Drive on the south side (including the bridges across the Winooski River) to School St. on the noth side. Please use Google street view to assess potential sites, and send questions about a specific location if you need more info.

Can you share a series of images for possible sites or types of sites for out of town artists?

Using the festival boundaries provided in question 1, please look around using Google street view. All of downtown Montpelier is an opportunity for an art installation.

Is there a list of local or contributing environmental organizations that artists can look to for collaboration or inspiration?  As an out of town artist it would be great to contextualize a proposed project with work that is already being done in this community?

One World Festival is not working with or endorsing specific organizations and encourages artists to engage groups independently of the festival.

What is the duration of the selected artwork?

Temporary artworks can be installed for the duration of the festival (July 24-26). Works with an extended life will be installed for up to a month (through August 24). Permanent artworks will also be considered.

Do artists need to consider the cost of returning the site to its original state?

No, the festival will manage the rejuvenation of the site.

Will selected artwork be viewable only during day light hours? Should lighting be considered or required?

Selected artwork will be viewed during the day and at night. Artists should consider lighting.

Can you further explain what you mean by: “Proposals must respect existing norms for interventions of public spaces of historic significance.”

Montpelier is home to a large historic district which has some limitations to alterations to certain buildings and spaces. We will advise on specific site requests.

How would honorariums and travel change for for proposals with multiple artists?

A single artist stipend is awarded on a project basis, not on the artist team size. Travel expenses of additional team members will be covered.

Are there sites where artwork can hang over waterways?

Yes, there are two rivers with nine bridges in the downtown festival site: 5 street, 2 pedestrian, and 2 two rail.

Are all sites outside?


Could a proposal be for a permanent mural?


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