The Futures Project

 What Do We Want To Become?  

Over a week in June, a team of 30 educators and teaching artists convened to design ways for schooling to be joyful and engaging during the challenges of the pandemic.
These arts-integrated and community-based learning projects bring students and community members together to take action on the big challenges we face at this historic moment. 
Select a project to customize for your school and we will help you engage a teaching artist to support your project implementation. 
Contact Partnerships Manager Claire Tebbs to get started.
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מחקרים - 1-10

1: Targeted sequencing of histologically defined serous endometrial cancer
reflects prognosis and correlates with preoperative biopsy
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10: Risk of Thromboembolic Disease With Cost Estimates in Patients Undergoing
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מחקרים 11-20

11: Impact of lower uterine segment involvement in type II endometrial cancer
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מחקרים 21-29

21: Leukocyte blood count during early puerperium and its relation to puerperal
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29: Incidence trends of cervical adenocarcinoma in Israeli Jewish women. A
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Who's Who
Creative Project Think Tank
The Futures Projects were co-designed by this dynamic group of educators and teaching artists: 
Jenifer Aldrich / Principal / Albert Bridge School
Camille Anderson / Grades 3-4 Classroom Teacher / Thatcher Brook Primary School 
Andy Barker / Project Director / Burlington City & Lake Semester
Reeve Basom / Place-Based Education Coordinator / Center for an Agricultural Economy
Eric Booth / Project Design Lab & Community Engagement Lab Co-Director
Cat Buxton / Change Facilitator at Grow More, Waste Less
Anne Campbell / Education Director / Catamount Arts
Will Kasso Condry / Visual Teaching Artist
Keighan Chapman Eaker / Middle School Social Studies / Windsor School
Sarah Day / First Grade Teacher / Albert Bridge School
Alissa Faber / Visual Teaching Artist
Lizzy Fox / Poetry Teaching Artist
Paul Gambill 
/ Project Design Lab & Community Engagement Lab Co-Director
Ashley Hensel-Browning / Dance & Movement Teaching Artist
Evie Lovett / Photography & Media Arts Teaching Artist
MK Monley / Art Teacher / Thatcher Brook Primary School
Cindy Mosedale / Middle School STEAM / Newark Street School
Erin Maile O’Keefe / Movement Teaching Artist
Jen Olson / Work-Based Learning Coordinator / Hazen Union High School
Barbara Paulson / Puppet Theater Teaching Artist
Lindsay Pontius / Theater Teaching Artist
Matthew Perry / Visual Teaching Artist / Executive Director, Vermont Arts Exchange
Gowri Savoor / Visual Teaching Artist
Alexandra Turner / Visual Teaching Artist
Jamie Watkins / Filmmaking & Media Arts Teaching Artist 
Mary Wesley / Education and Media Specialist / Vermont Folklife Center