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Last updated February 11

Does my project have to serve the community where I live?

No. Projects can serve any community, or communties, where you have an interest in building a project team.

Can multiple teaching artists apply as part of a collaborative project involving multiple disciplines?

Yes. In that case, the grant funding would be shared between the teaching artist collaborative. If you are applying as a team, all bios should be uploaded as one PDF document, and work samples should be included from all team members.

If my project is site-specific to the community it is serving, can my project team bring an alternate version to the festival?

Yes. There will be an opportunity in the full application to explain how you would modify a site-specific work to be presented at the festival.

Will my community partners be able to join me at the Teaching Artist Academy?

We are hoping to be able to invite community partners to attend some or all of the TA Academy. At this time we don't have funding to cover those extra costs, but we are working on it. Stay tuned.

If I'm an artist not working in schools, am I considered a teaching artist?

Here's our working definition of "teaching artist:" Artists who work in schools and communities are practicing artists who develop the skills, curiosities, and habits of mind needed to achieve a wide variety of social and learning goals in, through, and about the arts, with a wide variety of participants. This essay by Eric Booth provides a comprehensive look at the field of teaching artistry, and the different purpose threads of artists who work in schools and communiites: A New Framework For Understanding the Field of Teaching Artistry:

What are the parameters for how the grant funds may be allocated in my project?

Grants funds only cover teaching artists fees for planning and implementation of the project. If invited to submit a full proposal, your project budget will detail the number of planning days ($250/day) and implementation days ($450/day) that you expect will be needed to succeed.

Does this grant cover community work outside of the schools?

Yes. Projects are not required to include schools as partners, but they may.

May I apply if I am not a resident of Vermont?

No. The grants are only for full-time residents of Vermont, and projects that take place in Vermont

Could you give and example of a successful project that has already been done?

This is a new grant program, so we don't have examples specific to work we have funded. The Confluence Project, developed by the Vermont Performance Lab, is an excellent example of community-engaged creative placemaking that "demonstrated an in-depth model for bringing arts, youth, community groups, regional planners and educational institutions to the civic dialogue table to take an interdisciplinary approach to the study of our rivers, our land and our watersheds." Learn more about the Confluence Project here:

Is using alternative new mediums for art acceptable for this kind of project?


If the project involves installations, are photos enough to present at Montpelier or is this type of art not appropriate?

You should design your project so that it can be transproted to Montpelier for the Festival of Arts & Imagination. Projects that cannot be fully presented at the Festival will not score as well in the review process.

Could this grant support artists who want to help with an existing event, or does the event/artwork have to be original to this proposal?

Your project can continue the work of another project, as a way of buildiing momentum, but the artwork and the process you lead your community through to engage in artmaking should be original.

Could the earth speaking include the challenge of displacement of people due to economic and cultural forces?

If you can make meaningful connections between the displacement of people and how that relates to a local community challenge related to how the Earth is speaking, than yes.

Could the cross-sector group be comprised of an existing network that works in other (non-artistic) arenas?

Yes. This speaks to the first funding priority listed on the Grant Guidelines.

Do you have to be able to attend both weekends of the Teaching Artist Academy to apply?


Do we need our project partners finalized by February 15th with the Letter of Intent?

No. The LOI asks you to list confirmed and proposed partners.

Does the size of the community served by the project matter?

No. Vermont is full of small communities that wold benefit from a Thriving Communities Project.

Is this grant program connected with the CEL's Teachers Institute?




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