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What happens at the Project Design Lab?

At the four-day Project Design Lab, your school team will work with a teaching artist and national leaders in project-based learning and creative community engagement to customize your project to fit the needs and goals of teachers, students and your community. The Project Design Lab faculty will guide your team through designing how to customize your project to support your school and community goals, including: how the teaching artist and social justice leaders will facilitate the community dialogues; how the muralist interacts with your community; and how the project will strengthen your school's start-up plan in the fall to begin the school year with joyful and creative engagement that strengthens bonds and builds community.

Who can participate?

Anyone can participate. Mural teams will include educatores from a school or school district and community partners, such as cultural or community organizations, a local businesses, local artists, community memberes, etc.

What is the Vermont Mural Project Timeline?

School teams will convene at the Project Design Lab, July 12th-15th. All sessions will be online or asynchronous. Community and school dialogues and the creation of the Murals will take place in August and the first two weeks of school, September 7-17th. The culminating event, where all the murals will be temporarily installed, will be at the One World Festival of Arts & Imagination in Montpelier, September 24-26. Murals return to their original community for permanent installation following the One World Festival. The day-long Reflection & Next Steps is October 8th.

How do I form a Mural Project team?

Each team is required to have at least three eductors (teachers, staff, adminstrators) who pay professional development tuition to receive either graduate credits or continuing education credits. Educators can come from different schools in the same district, or all from the same school. After your school team is formed, we will help you identify and secure community partners to join your project.

When is the deadline to register my school team and participate in the Project Design Lab?

May 1st. See contact information below and let us know if your school or organization is interested in participating, then we will be in touch soon to answer any questions and help organize your team.

Can I earn professional development or graduate credits for participating in the Vermont Mural Project?

Yes, educators receive credit for attending the Project Design Lab and participating in the Vermont Mural Project. Students can receive proficiency credit.

Where will the mural be installed?

The site of the mural will be determined by your team. The mural can be at a school or in various types of locations in your community.

How long will the mural last?

Murals typically last 10-15 years with little maintenance. Participants will be taught how to care for their mural to ensure a long life.

How will we transport our mural to the One World Festival?

The murals will be painted on a substrate that is easily transported and temporarily installed at the One World Festiva. Following the festival, your mural will be permanently installed in your community.

What is the cost to participate?

At least three educators from a school or district will form a team and attend the Project Design Lab, which is $1,700 per person. Educators earn 35 hours of continuing education credits. Three graduate credits are available for an additional $350. School teams can be comprised of any mix of teachers, staff or administrators. There is an additional $8,000-$15,000 cost for the commission of the mural, depending on the size (location) of the mural your team chooses. We will help you determine some good options for where your mural can be installed in your community. Funding for the mural commission will come from local, regional and state sources, which we will help develop in collaboration with your project's community partners.

More Questions?

Learn more about the Project Design Lab and register a Mural Project team go here.


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