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Brian Boyes (he/him)

Course Leader

A Culture of Creative & Deeper Learning

Brian Boyes has 20+ years of experience as an educator placing high quality project-based Learning at the center of his practice. In 2014, Brian was awarded a Rowland Foundation Fellowship to develop and implement a significant educational transformation project which led to Cabot School’s recognition as a regional leader in high quality project-based learning.

As an educator Brian Boyes has twice received special recognition from the Vermont Arts Alliance for his unique and creative approach to music education at Cabot School ,and is a three-time recipient of Cabot School’s Teacher of the Year award. 

Brian is the founder and creative director of SoundCheck, a band of VT high school musicians writing and performing original music to fight for social justice. The band regularly performs and facilitates school workshops using art and music as a catalyst to spark dialogue, action and awareness.  

He currently serves as the instrumental music teacher at Harwood Union High School. 

Brian Boyes (he/him)
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