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Evie Lovett (she/her)

Workshop Leader

The Art Room INsideOUT
The Bridges Project

Evie's work spans cyanotype, digital and analog photography, digital media, storytelling, encaustic painting, teaching, and public art and community art-making and placemaking, in multiple mediums. She is motivated to explore the spaces where people and the natural world meet and interact, to slow down and listen to the stories that emerge when good questions are asked of people and places. Bringing a social and environmental justice and equity, accessibility and inclusion lens to her work is a priority. What especially fuels Evie is putting the tools of art-making in people’s own hands, enabling them to explore aspects of themselves, their families, their communities, and the world around them through art-making and community collaboration, fearlessly and with joy.

Evie's workshop:


Play with the centuries-old process of cyanotype photography as a platform for exploring concepts like looping, layering, partnering, empathy and belonging. We’ll generate our material from journaling and free drawing in response to music. We’ll share and exchange material, then use that material to make cyanotype photographs by layering objects on light-sensitive coated watercolor paper, exposing to the light of the sun, and developing in water. We’ll explore how individual creations can be combined to make a collective composition/quilt/mandala. You’ll emerge with multiple ideas to implement cyanotype projects in your classroom.

Evie is available to collaborate with your school team to design a Thriving Communities Project at the PDL, and support implementing your project with a teaching artist residency next year.

Evie Lovett (she/her)
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