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Judy Klima (she/her)

Course Leader

The Art Room INsideOUT

Judy Klima is an art educator who has been teaching for over 25 years. She has taught across the spectrum of ages ranging from pre-k to adults. Judy helped launch the Integrated Arts Academy in Burlington, Vermont where she worked as the Arts Coach to weave the arts across the curriculum and coordinate multiple whole school residencies and community events over the course of a decade. This work fostered an enlivened and artful school community featuring arts integration. It was through this work that Judy came to witness the power and impact the arts have on a community. Judy has been recognized by the University of Vermont and the National Art Education Association for her outstanding achievements in art education. Currently she is an art educator in Burlington, and lives there with her wife and two teenage sons. Her mission in this one short life is to live as fully and creatively as possible- day by day, minute by minute.

Along with guiding the process of The Art Room INsideOUT throughout the week, Judy will also lead two workshops:

Mixed Media - The Joy of Texture

Learn how to combine a variety of media to create a highly textured, layered and multifarious painting. Watercolor, crayon, paint sticks, rubber stamps, assorted paper, etc., are the inroads to self discovery and unbridled joy. In combination these media form semi-transparent layers in unique and exciting ways.

Mixed Media - The Joy of Texture Part II

This is a continuation of Workshop 1, where we will complete the layering process with the collage materials. Attention to color/texture and detail will be the focus. The final step of the process is to cut the painting into mini paintings which will be featured in a handmade book. Participants will leave with an understanding of how this process can be easily transferred to the art classroom.

Judy Klima (she/her)
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