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2019 Teaching Artist Academy

Registration is closed for the 2022 Academy. To keep informed of other opportunities to strengthen your teaching artistry skills and connect with kindred spirits, join our mailing list. 

Teaching artists can help people strengthen their distinctive voice, build relationships and a sense of belonging, and bring us together in creative engagement to feel a part of something bigger than ourselves.

The 2022 Teaching Artist Academy seeks to build the skills and capacities of teaching artists to work in school and community settings, in both single and multi-day residencies, to lead creative engagement activities that strengthen the well-being of young people—individually, in relationships, and in community. 

The Academy is a multi-day immersive experience where teaching artists work collaboratively in a learning community that strengthens their skills and builds a supportive network.

Activities include collegial inquiry, hands-on experimentation and coaching from leaders in the fields of teaching artistry and well-being.


Schedule  |  Tuition  |  Faculty

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Eric Booth

Academy Director

This year's Academy has three goals:

1) Prepare teaching artists to serve schools for one-day or multi-day creative well-being residencies. 

This pilot program is an opportunity for teaching artists to serve schools in their area with creative activities for students that will strengthen their individual well-being and the well-being of their school community. 

CEL will promote the creative well-being teaching artist roster to schools, helping to place teaching artists in residencies and provide on-going coaching and networking for teaching artists to continue learning from and with each other as residencies unfold throughout the year.

2) Build a toolkit of creative well-being activities and project ideas that teaching artists can lead in school and community settings.

Participants will collaborate on the creation of a toolkit of creative well-being activities they can use in schools. You will leave with a deeper understanding of how creative engagement can help young people feel heard and valued, develop supportive relationships and a sense of belonging, and feel a part of something bigger than themselves.

3) Strengthen connections to the teaching artist community. 

Learn what other teaching artists are doing to emerge from the isolation of the pandemic and strategize together about key resources and services that we need to be providing for teaching artists to succeed in supporting more thriving schools and communities.


The 2022 TA Academy is a blend of virtual and in-person learning and collaborating. 


Two 2.5 hour online sessions will take place in September and October, followed by a two-and-a-half day overnight retreat at the Common Ground Center in Starksboro, VT.



September 24 & October 8: 9:00-11:30am


Friday, October 14, 5pm – Sunday, 16th, 4pm

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Common Ground Center


The 2022 Academy tuition is on a pay-what-you-can basis, acknowledging that many teaching artists are struggling with financial instability during the pandemic.


Suggested Tuition: $350


If you are not able to pay full tuition, please indicate on your registration form the amount you can contribute. Tuition payment is not a requirement for participation and no one will be turned away based on their ability to pay. 


Tuition includes two virtual sessions plus overnight lodging and meals Oct 14-16. Lodging at the Common Ground Center is in bunk-style rooms, with 3-4 per room, each room with a full bath.

Participation is limited to 25, please register early. Proof of COVID vaccination is required. 



TA Faculty
Eric headshot

ERIC BOOTH (he/him)

Eric is widely referred to as one of the nation’s best teachers of creativity, and the father of the teaching artist profession. He is CEL's co-founder and Engagement Director. In 2015 he was awarded the nation's highest honor for an arts educator (the Arts Education Leadership Award by Americans For The Arts), and was named one of the 25 most important people in the U.S. arts. In arts learning, he has taught at Juilliard (13 years), Stanford University, NYU, Tanglewood and Lincoln Center Institute (35 years), and The Kennedy Center (12 years). He is the founder and co-designer of the International Teaching Artist Conferences, the recipient of the first honorary doctorate in teaching artistry (New England Conservatory), and was the keynote speaker at UNESCO's first world arts education conference. More about Eric.

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Ashley is a teaching artist, dance educator and choreographer whose work investigates how movement creates a more aware, engaged, and connected community. She has received multiple grants for her work in public schools and community sites and is a Juried Teaching Artist through the Vermont Arts Council. Projects include teacher trainings, school residencies, dance in libraries, restorative justice and correctional facilities programs as well as community-inspired and inclusive original productions. She received her Ed.M from Harvard Graduate School of Education and teaches at the Dance Factory in Springfield, Vermont.

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SARAH LOWRY, MA (she/her)

As a Drama Therapist Lowry will invite you to use art, movement, drama, metaphor and play so you can process and explore even the things that are most difficult to talk about. She is trained in Somatic Experiencing, which is an approach that works directly with how trauma and resilience are stored in the body. As a white, Jewish, queer counselor, she utilizes a systems approach in her work exploring how individual and family histories, current family dynamics, culture, peer networks, and larger societal systems all impact our health and wellbeing. She also holds a deep awareness for how oppression and discrimination may impact the individual and our communities. Lowry has particular interest and experience in supporting LGBQ, transgender and gender non-conforming youth, individuals and family systems that have experienced trauma. She also has interest and experience in working with the physical symptoms that may be present as a result of trauma. 

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GOWRI SAVOOR (she/her)

Gowri is a visual-teaching artist, whose practice includes sculpture, illustration, and writing. Born in England, she moved to the US in 2007. Savoor has been a practicing teaching artist for over 20 years, with experience in arts integration and community building. Gowri is the instigator of A River of Light, a movement committed to bringing art to the community through participatory art events, installations, and lantern parades. She is also the co-founder of Teaching Artists Connect, an organization providing creative and inspiring professional development workshops for teaching artists and educators in North Carolina and beyond.

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