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Teaching Artist Academy

2020 Academy dates will be announced in the fall.

The Field of Teaching Artistry

There are certain inherently artistic capacities that, when developed, can expand ones artmaking beyond the studio and performances into participatory engagement with many different people, in many settings, for many purposes.


Those artists who have developed this part of their careers comprise the field of teaching artistry, which is crucial to the future of the arts, and crucial to the achievement of many social, cultural and political goals.

Eric Booth

Academy Director

​Hands-on Experimentation

The Academy’s demonstrations, hands-on experimentation and individual coaching from leading experts in the field—including Eric Booth, who is widely described as the father of the teaching artist profession, and Judith Bose, who was the first full-time teaching artist hired by Lincoln Center—will prepare participants to take the next step in fulfilling their potential.

For teaching artists who are experienced in community-engaged work, this unique opportunity to work with the top leaders in teaching artistry will expand their skills and boldness, broaden their range, and empower them as local leaders and community partnership developers.

The Academy

The Academy will focus on supporting artists who seek to activate and enhance assets within a community, through artistic processes, in order to enrich its quality of life, even to address challenges that the community faces.


  • How can teaching artists impact community members—their attitudes and behaviors—and even the way the community functions?


  • What are the specific tools and capacities that teaching artists need to succeed as developers and leaders of socially-engaged projects, and how can we make them stronger?


The Teaching Artist Academy explores the best practices that ensure that community/teaching artist partnerships thrive in real-world situations.

Community Partnership Building

The Academy provides the opportunity to work side-by-side with experienced teaching artists who are currently developing community-engaged projects. 

Participants will develop a set of tools and strengthened skills that will help advance the scope and reach of their work in partnership with communities, and advance their strengths in project design, implementation, partnership building, and fundraising.



Eric Booth

Academy Director

Judith Bose, Ph.D.

Eric Booth is widely referred to as one of the nation’s best teachers of creativity, and the father of the teaching artist profession. In 2015 he was awarded the nation's highest honor for an arts educator (the Arts Education Leadership Award by Americans For The Arts), and was named one of the 25 most important people in the U.S. arts.


In arts learning, he has taught at Juilliard (13 years), Stanford University, NYU, Tanglewood and Lincoln Center Institute (35 years), and The Kennedy Center (12 years). He was the Faculty Chair of the Empire State Partnership program for three years (the largest arts-in-education project in America), and held one of six chairs on The College Board’s Arts Advisory Committee for seven years.


He is the founder and co-designer of the International Teaching Artist Conferences, the recipient of the first honorary doctorate in teaching artistry (New England Conservatory), and was the keynote speaker at UNESCO's first world arts education conference.

Judith Bose is an independent arts education consultant, specializing in the area of teaching artist development and the intersection of cultural organizations, schools, teachers and teaching artists.


She previously served as the Director of Teacher Education and Educational Initiatives at the Longy School of Music of Bard College, where she developed an innovative Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Music degree program, and led Longy’s Teaching Artist Program. In New York, she was a master teaching artist at the Lincoln Center Institute and the New York Philharmonic for ten years, and she has worked with numerous schools and cultural organizations both nationally and internationally.


Currently, Judith is working with Longy and the WolfBrown arts research firm on a multi-site national evaluation study of El Sistema-inspired programs in the US. 



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