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2019 Teaching Artist Academy

Teaching artists are essential workers

in helping people come to know each other, to build trust and respect, to foster creative problem solving, and to change our collective story.

The 2021 Academy will be in Montpelier, July 19-23. Join our mailing list to keep informed of the application process.


Questions? Email Jenn Wood, Managing Director.

Teaching artists are catalysts who bring powerful expertise to community partnerships that explode into creative learning and planning.


What are the specific tools and capacities they bring, and how can we make them stronger? 

The Teaching Artist Academy explores the best practices that ensure that community/teaching artist partnerships thrive in real-world situations.

The Academy’s demonstrations, hands-on experimentation and individual coaching from leading experts in the field will prepare participants to take the next step in fulfilling their potential.

For teaching artists who are already confident in their work, this unique opportunity to work with the top leaders in teaching artistry (including Eric Booth who is widely described as the father of the teaching artist profession, and Judith Bose who was the first full-time teaching artist hired by Lincoln Center) will expand their skills and boldness, broaden their range, and empower them as local leaders and partnership developers.

For artists who don’t think of themselves as teaching artists, the Academy explores the foundations of this practice, and provides an opportunity to work side-by-side with experienced teaching artists to build the skills required for expanding their work with schools.

The Academy is an annual five-day immersive experience, where teaching artists work collaboratively in a learning community to strengthen their skills and build a supportive network. That network includes the Vermont Teaching Artist Collective

Eric Booth

Academy Director

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