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Vermont Community
Learning Network

Strengthening Pathways to Postsecondary Success

If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.

- John Dewey

The Vermont Community Learning Network is a community-centered initiative designed to increase the number of young people who graduate high school and succeed in postsecondary education, careers and life. 
What are the best next steps—the most effective sequence of professional development and community engagement—for educators and community partners in their quest to help all students develop a love for learning? 
The Vermont Community Learning Network helps schools and communities evolve into a cohesive learning system that answers that essential question.

The Community Engagement Lab serves as the VCLN's managing partner.


The Community Engagement Lab provides planning and administrative support to VCLN schools and community partners, and facilitates creative community-engaged projects that help communities reimagine their role as a learning partner with their schools.

Windsor CAM team.jpg

Windsor School VCLN Community Asset Mapping Team

Transforming a complex social system is really about transforming the relationships between the people who make up the system.

- Peter Senge

  Community Partners  

  • Advance Vermont

  • Careers CliC

  • Community College of Vermont

  • DREAM Program

  • MENTOR Vermont

  • Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education

  • Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative

  • Vermont Student Assistance Corporation 

  Executive Committee  

Patrick Leduc, Chair

CIO and Vice President of Career and Education Outreach

Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC)

Paul Gambill

Executive Director

Community Engagement Lab

Kathi Terami

Executive Director

Careers CliC

Chad Butt

Executive DirectorMENTOR Vermont

John Downes


Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education

Natalie Searle

Director of Secondary Education Initiatives

Community College of Vermont

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Executive Summary

Theory of change, guiding policies, five key actions.

Five Key Actions graphic.png

Theory of Change

Logic Model

VCLN Logic Model.png

  Join Us  

The VCLN is open to all expanded learning providers, businesses, individuals and community organizations that provide community-centered learning experiences for young people.


To learn how you or your organization can become involved, contact CEL Executive Director Paul Gambill.

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