“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.”

- Margaret Wheatley

Photo: Juniper Creative Arts

What does my community care about?

How will we create the change we want?


These questions are at the heart of the Vermont Mural Project.

The Vermont Mural Project brings together young people, educators, cultural organizers, socially-engaged artists, business leaders and community members from all walks of life to envision solutions and strengthen Vermont's capacity to achieve social and environmental justice.


Community teams across Vermont will be guided through a creative dialogue and mural making process to inspire civic connection and build a shared vision for a better future. 

  • Create a social and environmental justice vision statement for your community.

  • Work in partnership with a nationally recognized mural artist to create a visual expression of your community's values.

  • Build trust and respect for one another, creating actions steps for your community to become more just and equitable.

Photo: Juniper Creative Arts
Photo: Juniper Creative Arts

Vermont Folklife Center

A community dialogue protocol will be developed at the Community Engagement Lab's Project Design Lab and Teaching Artist Academy in July, in partnership with participating young people, teaching artists and social and environmental justice partners.


Each community’s dialogue on social and environmental justice will be captured through a process led by the Vermont Folklife Center.  The dialogue will be edited into statements that reflect the community’s vision for a better future.


Individual community statements will be synthesized together into a collective statement for Vermont.

Mural artists from Vermont and across the country will be recruited for the project through a national call, assisted by acclaimed muralists and community organizers Will Kasso Condry, Jennifer Herrera Condry and Alexa Herrera Condry at Juniper Creative Arts.


Juniper Creative Arts: Will, Jennifer and Alexa

All of the murals will be temporarily displayed in Montpelier at the One World Festival of Arts & Imagination, in September 2021, presenting a collective creative statement of what communities from all corners of the state want Vermont to become.

Following the festival, each mural returns to its community for permanent installation.


How can I bring the Vermont Mural Project to my community?

NOTE: We are near capacity for the number of schools that can join the Vermont Mural Project this year. Please contact Executive Director Paul Gambill before registering a school team: (802) 595-0087.
Registration is open for the Watershed Project.


Educators from a school or school district build a Mural Project team of at least three (any combination of teachers, staff and administrators) and attend the Project Design Lab, July 12-15, online. Young people are also encouraged to participate on their school/district team.


Participating educators earn graduate or continuing education credits, and young people can earn school proficiencies. 


Learn more about forming a school team and registering to attend the Project Design Lab here

Complete this form if you would like more info about how your school can join the Vermont Mural Project, and we'll be in touch soon. 


To learn more about how you or your organization can join the statewide coalition participating in the Vermont Mural Project, please complete this short interest form and we'll be in touch soon.

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Click the image to download the Vermont Mural Project Flyer.


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Paul Gambill, Executive Director: email, (802) 595-0087.

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