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New England




The New England Teaching Artist Collaborative (NETAC) is an emerging initiative guided by a Steering Group composed of teaching artists and community leaders supported by CEL staff. 


The purpose of NETAC is to build regional capacity to
develop thriving communities by preparing teaching artists to serve as catalysts who activate creative potential and foster partnerships with educators, organizations and community groups.



We believe that a regional teaching artist collaborative can: 

  • model the equitable and inclusive practices that foster wellbeing and social justice;

  • build a teaching artist collaborative that increases sustainability, visibility and the continually-improving practice of the field;

  • amplify the impact of creative community engaged projects on communities throughout the region through strong communications, effective knowledge-sharing, and pioneering models which can be adopted and adapted widely;

  • develop cross-sector partnerships that foster broad support and participation in creative projects to strengthen personal, school and community well-being.


What do we mean by thriving communities and well-being?
A “thriving” community doesn’t mean that residents never have difficulties. It means that any difficulties are accompanied by access to well-being, which comprises: relationships (individuals feel seen, heard and valued; a sense of belonging), support (individuals feel people have their back), and engagement (individuals will show up with their creative energy and feel a part of something bigger than themselves).


Thanks to Tasha Golden for inspiring this definition of thriving communities and well-being.


The Steering Group is shaping a strategic plan for achieving NETAC's goals. Activities will begin in in 2023. To keep informed, subscribe to our mailing list below


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