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New England




The River project, designed and facilitated by Gowri Savoor at NETAC's Vermont Gathering, July 2023

JAN 19th / 2:00-4:30pm
Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center

122 Hourglass Dr., Stowe

Calling all teaching artists, organizations and individuals in central Vermont working to support more thriving communities.

If you believe in the power of the arts to help individuals and communities thrive, we need your voice in this conversation about how the New England Teaching Artist Collaborative (NETAC) can work to support teaching artists and communities in central Vermont.


NETAC is working to reorganize and align the system of actors in New England that support teaching artists as catalysts for strengthening the well-being of youth, families and communities.


The meeting will be facilitated by Eric Booth and Paul Gambill, from the Community Engagement Lab. 

Learn more about the mission and vision of NETAC here

Please RSVP here.


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